Month: April 2013

  • Making Homemade Yogurt

    I think I have quite possibly stumbled upon the most perfect yogurt in the world. I owe my gratitude to Roller Mill Farms  who posted the recipe not long ago. And, oh my, it is simply creamy, delectable, full of good bacteria to help balance flora in your gut, and irresistible.  There are so many reasons to…

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  • Make Your Own Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum

    Who doesn’t want dewy, youthful, glowing skin all year long? I know I do. As I age I am finding that my skin feels dry, though I nourish it with lots of water and good moisturizers. We live in an area full of wind, hot summer weather, and low moisture…so I have a few things…

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  • Affordable and Durable: The Benefits of Flat Grave Markers for Cemeteries
    Affordable and Durable: The Benefits of Flat Grave Markers for Cemeteries

    Choosing a grave marker is an important decision when honoring the memory of a loved one. Among the various options available, flat grave markers stand out for their practicality and versatility. For a meaningful and enduring tribute, explore the grave markers by SunsetStone & Memorials. Their offerings combine high-quality materials with personalized design to honor…

  • Preserving Fall Leaves for Thanksgiving Name Cards

    Thanksgiving is such a warm and fuzzy kind of holiday. I really love to make the place settings simple yet special for everyone. We went on a vacation a few weeks ago to a favorite spot in the Cascades…Fish Lake! We used to go there every year as kids and it was my Dad’s favorite…

  • Make Your Own Canning Jar Cup with Straw

    Aren’t these cutest things ever? I love Ball canning jars and thought this was the best idea for summer. This handy dandy portable cup with straw is perfect for car trips, parties, or just to use at home! I have seen them many places…so this is a copy cat idea. But here is my take…


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