Thanksgiving is such a warm and fuzzy kind of holiday.
I really love to make the place settings simple yet special for everyone.
We went on a vacation a few weeks ago to a favorite spot in the Cascades…Fish Lake!
We used to go there every year as kids and it was my Dad’s favorite place.
This year the whole family came and it was so much fun!
 I took it upon myself to collect some pretty maple leaves that were turning colors.
I thought I would use them for place cards this year…
To do this yourself {it’s sooo easy} just collect an assortment of pretty leaves and press them for a couple of days in a heavy book.
 Take them out and spread them on parchment paper.
With a foam brush, lightly spread Mod Podge on one side of the leaf.
Get your kids involved!
Jack loved helping me with this project :).
Let them dry.
About half way through the drying process,  pick up the leaf to ensure it doesn’t adhere to the parchment.
Just set it back down and it will thoroughly dry without sticking.
Repeat on the back side of the leaf if you like.
After the leaves dry, they will end up being pretty sturdy and easy to work with.
With a permanent marker, write the recipients name on each leaf.
 So super simple!
Plates: TJ Maxx
Cloth Napkins: Tutorial HERE
Silverware: Yard Sale
Crocheted Placemat: My husband’s grandmother…oh how I wish I had more!
Have a wonderful Fall day!